365 Days In Branding and Marketing: The Journey So Far With Dijitol

Olayemi Mary Adeola
4 min readJan 31, 2022


What do you think if you earn XYZ monthly as an intern?

That was the one simple question that started my journey into copywriting/ branding and the marketing industry. At first, I was excited to earn that much, even as an intern. The next minute, I was scared, but my uncertainty didn’t matter. I have tried reading up about copywriting and successful copywriters in the past. I just never understood how writing copies could make anyone a millionaire. I swallowed my questions and fears and faced this opportunity which would later become my best decision as a young writer.

Many people ask how I switched from nursing to writing. Interestingly, I am not just a content writer; I work with a branding and marketing firm. Without going into many details, transitioning was crazy for me. I had to learn everything from scratch. I made countless mistakes. However, I learned so many important lessons about business, marketing, relationships, and the internet business in one short year. Through my success, failure and evolution, I have grown in many ways I could never have anticipated.

What is Dijitol About?

Dijitol is a full-fledged branding and content marketing agency that delivers a broad range of content development services that position businesses to show up in the right places at the right time.

My Major experience

I have written on almost every industry, and it is quite amusing that every brand has its own unique stories. I have written brand stories for skincare companies a couple of times. The first was a company located in South Korea. You would agree that Korean women have exceptional beauty, from flawless skin to their funny and small faces. They seem to age well, thanks to their skincare routine and cultural lifestyle that has been passed on from generation.

At this rate, I can give you a brief breakdown of the real estate industry in South Africa and Australia. I can also talk about the evolution of masculine jewelry and how much the industry is worth today. I learned everything while writing copies and sales letters for clients.

Client’s feedback

I love writing because it helps me visit the world right from the corner of my room.

Worse experience

I have cried a couple of times at work (lool, I think it is more than a few times). We had an international client who wanted my agency to create a business brochure and design it. Let me save you the details; I flopped! That was major work. I realized I made a mistake because I was paying attention to the wrong things. I was supposed to sell the company to the readers and write an essay about their products.

Lesson: Copywriting means defining the problem (pain points), providing solutions and building relationships.

Major success

What do you think about this? You’ll be the team lead.

Ten months after I started working, my boss said he wanted to call me. Well, we never had the call. A week later, he told me I would be the team lead of Dijitol. Aside from being a content development associate, I am also responsible for the training and supervision of other team members. That announcement assured me that I was on the right path. As usual, my fears came threatening me in the face. I was scared of not being good enough or blowing up the opportunity. It has been an amazing journey with my team members for three months.

I hate not to be good at what I do. I hate being corrected for the same thing consistently. Unfortunately, my current job contradicts my ‘wish’. My boss is skilled in discipline and correction. A few people have asked me how I cope with working with him.

Another surprise

Adeola is the COO

In January 2022, my boss announced that I would take up the ‘Chief Operating Officer’ role. I have not shared the news on the internet for personal reasons. I don’t have so much to share about this now, but I will have more things to share in 6 months. I have watched more documentaries, read more articles on how branding agencies are managed. Likewise, I am currently taking a course on Sales Management, and it has been eye-opening.

My team members

Finding a mentor is my most valid advice to any professional. I found my mentor quite early, and he has helped me make the most important decisions in my career. I am grateful for access, privileges and impromptu masterclasses. Unlike many people, they have so many mentors and role models. I have one mentor who happens to be my boss.

My team members have always made me feel like ‘The Team Lead’ Cheers to a new year. To Bliss, who always hype me in my DMs. To Michael, who is always asking me for suggestions, to Abraham and Jeff, whom I would love to have a closer relationship with. Our team at Dijitol is built on collaboration, creativity and commitment. Every team member is appreciated, and everyone’s idea is welcomed. We understand that our differences, similarities and intelligence will drive your business to grow.

Cheers to a new year for me.

My goal for this year is to become an authority in branding and marketing while closing deals with international agencies.

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