5 Interesting Marketing Strategies Marketers Can Learn From BBN

Olayemi Mary Adeola
4 min readJul 23, 2021


TV shows marketing is no rocket science; the massive turnout, fanbase, and emotional entanglement are often the outcome of proven strategies, ideas, and tactics. The BBN show is not an exception; the show has since its return in 2016 become popular amidst all and sundry. It is another year where millions of Nigerians will stand in solidarity to vote their favorite to either remain in a house or be evicted. That house is the Big Brother Naija House. BBN is a yearly show where 20 contestants live together for three months to win unique gifts and cash prizes.

Here are five unique strategies employed by BBN

#1 The Boss of Stunts

The BBN Lockdown edition was the most popular in the history of BBN. However, before the beginning of the edition, the Pepper Dem edition reunion party increased their fanbase and created more noise. You will agree that one of the remarkable things about the BBN marketing strategies is their publicity stunt. They leverage viral marketing of all sorts, forms and use any given opportunity to create trends and hashtags in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

#2 Viewers Are a Huge Part of the Show

It is quite interesting to note that BBN is one of the shows with a high level of loyalty. Interestingly, Nigerians are not the only ones loyal to their favorite housemates. According to the Vanguard newspaper, Nigeria accounts for almost 50% of the viewing hours, while South Africans account for 30% and Kenya 15%.

While many of us have never actively watched any of the BBN editions, we often get to see the gist in our WhatsApp groups, Facebook community, and Insta stories. Oh, don’t even get me started about Twitter. The fact that the viewers can watch how every housemate spends each minute of their day is quite interesting for many. As of today, it is almost impossible for any other Show to compete with BBN. Another laudable fact is BBN incentivizes viewers to spread the word about BBN virally. Fans are also allowed to create hashtags and names for their favorite housemate.

#3 Persona Marketing

Just like every movie, there is always a character. Interestingly, BBN has 20 characters with different stories, attitudes, and ambitions, making it a contest. BBN intelligently presents each of these housemates as a brand. Sometimes, these housemates are presented to be associated with hate, resilience, or love.

Laycon of the Lockdown edition is a perfect example; he was one popular housemate with the popular fanbase community “Icons.” Considering his persona in the house, he was the first housemate to cross the fanbase of 1million on Instagram. Interesting right?

Laycon, winner of BBN Lockdown edition

It is obvious that many people get into the BBN house to build credibility in the entertainment industry. apparently, BBN understands this game and helps each housemate plays their card well. Each housemate is expected to have an Instagram page that covers every details of the housemate in the house. This page depicts the personality of the housemate, while encouraging fans to vote for them. Simply put, BBN allows each housemate to create whatever persona they desire. At the same time, they encourage followers and fans to vote for their fav.

#4 Brand Partnership

The entertainment industry also depends on affiliation with various brands. The Voice Nigeria is associated with BetNaija, Airtel, and Baba Ijebu, and many other shows have their partnerships. BBN has associated the big Dons in their industry; Legend, Indomie, Darling Hair, and many others.

Beyond corporate brands, many housemates are usually endorsed and associated with celebrities and personal brands. For instance, Seyi Awolowo had a great fanbase because of his relationship as the grandson to the Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

#5 Manufacturer of Drama

It appears trends and drama sell a bit faster in the entertainment industry. BBN thrives on trends, drama, and the tables shattering that happens both in and outside the house. Big Brother often asks each housemate during their diary session questions about other housemates. In my opinion, those questions often instigate and fanbase and clash in and outside the house.

What about the romantic moment in the house? BBN does not frown at housemates having a sexual relationship with each other. Relationships, heartbreak, jealousy, and immature emotions are often the reason for drama in the house.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is not an easy task, regardless of the industry. And you will agree with me that BBN has a remarkable marketing strategy; each year, marketing gets better. While I am not a fan of the show, I respect the brilliance behind the show. BBN has understood its audience and never fails to serve the juiciest offers to its audience.

As a business owner, it is imperative that you are ambitious with your marketing goals, do remarkable stuff, work with experts, and achieve great results.

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