A Visit To Cowrywise: Here’s How Cowrywise Is Leading The Fintech Industry

Olayemi Mary Adeola
5 min readNov 23, 2021


I enrolled in a Strategic Communication Bootcamp at Commsql in August. As promised by Commsql management, we visited the growth and marketing team of Cowrywise on Friday.

About Cowrywise

Cowrywise is a financial technology company founded in 2017. In a world where saving, investment and earning isn’t on the same pedestal, there is a need for financial literacy, especially in a country like Nigeria. Cowrywise is focused on digitizing investment management through an automated and technological approach. Over the years, they have remained consistent with their values, solutions. This has made them a household name amongst the Nigerian Millennials.

Licensed by the SEC. They have partnered with several investment companies and are recognized as one of the fastest rising fintech startups in Africa.

Before the visit, I had a few questions about Cowrywise:

· Why do they operate an open communication chain with their customers?

· Why do they focus only on Gen Zs and Millennials?

· What makes them different, and how have they maintained their reputation in the fintech industry?

I believe that you also have similar questions to these. Fortunately, our questions were answered by the growth team. This article summarises the conversation we had with the team, especially on the subject of branding and marketing.

Growth Team, Cowrywise and Cohort 1 Commsql

4 Ways Cowrywise is leading the fintech industry

#1 Healthy workplace culture

Tech companies have their own distinct culture; however, Cowrywise seems to pay more attention to its employees. Perhaps, more than other fintech brands. Cowrywise allows employee branding, which makes it easy for every employee to market the brand efficiently. While employee marketing might have its benefit and downside, Cowrywise is choosing to leverage its superstars.

“The right skills wielded by the right people to make anything possible. Our success depends upon the collective intelligence of our team members and the shared vision of our partners.” — Cowrywise.

What makes Cowrywise culture different? Their values, priorities and employees. When asked why everyone in the team seem to dress differently from other white collar jobs, Oyinlola Akindele replied, “Freedom and responsibility” is their watchword. Every employee chooses how to work, when to resume work, what to wear and eat. Despite the freedom, there is a huge responsibility on each employee to make Cowrywise the home for savings and investment.

Commsql Cohort 1 (From left; Kingsley, Temitope, Myself, Akan Imoh, Temilade and Oluwaseun)

#2 Growth marketing is a big deal

When you think of Cowrywise, what comes to mind? Keywords like money-wise, student ambassadorships and financial webinars will come to mind. Since 2017, Cowrywise has never failed to build a financially inclined community. They consistently create personalized strategies to attract, engage and retain customers.

Moreover, Cowrywise uses different channels to optimize constant customer engagement and deliver highly tailored financial solutions. With over 300,000 users, Cowrywise maximize referral programs, onboarding process for new customers, customers’ motivation and customers’ birthday appreciation programs.

Most recently, they ventured into student ambassador program with access into 400 Nigerian tetiary institutions. The program has changed financial literacy for Gen Zs and students. At the same time, the program also proved to many that Cowrywise is also involved in social work.

“The student ambassador program is more of personal development for students. We are focusing on helping them build a consistent financial habits. That is why it is not about referrals. It is about changing lives.” Michael Oladele, growth team.

(L-R) Emmanuel Faith, Lead People and Culture Cowrywise & Myself

#3 Strategic Brand Positioning

Cowrywise is a trailblazer in the fintech industry. From hiring their staff, to choosing their ambassadors and marketing strategies, they are intentional about their brand positioning. In 4 years of operation, they have been recognized for their impact both in Nigeria and Africa. They were featured on CNN most recently, and I think it is a win for the team and the Nigerian fintech industry.

Cowrywise sets itself apart from its competition and delivers several benefits to its customers. I consider the badges a great way to motivate users to save more and evaluate their financial habits. Cowrywise is a startup, and they are yet to reach half the percentage of the largest population in Nigeria. This is why they choose services and launch new products that can influence their customers’ minds.

“For us, it is not about competition. We are not competing with anyone. That is why we are not telling our customers or audience to leave other financial platforms. The idea is to keep selling to our audience until we become their best option.” — Oyinlola Akindele, growth team.

Cowrywise utilizes email marketing to remind their customers why they should remain money-wise. They have the right message, practical strategies and a great team to remain a leading brand in the fintech industry.

(L-R) Myself, Oyinlola Akindele and Hannah Olaniyi

#4 Financial freedom is for everyone

Cowrywise is building a saving and investment culture for middle-class Africans and millennials. While it may look like the brand is focusing more on young adults, the goal is to ensure that everyone experience financial freedom through saving and investment.

Of course, I asked if the brand intends to reach out to older people, and this is their response,

“We believe that younger people need financial literacy perhaps more. Most older people with kids and bills will rather focus on meeting their needs rather than saving. But, the goal is financial freedom for everyone.”

Final Note

My visit to Cowrywise was enlightening and fun. Of course, I got my Cowrywise Merch. Cowrywise is home for your money. Constantly teaching their customers about financial education and savings, they have transformed the lives of many.

These are my highlights from my visit, and if you have questions about Cowrywise, you should head over to their website.



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