On Birthdays and Adulting

Olayemi Mary Adeola
4 min readApr 23, 2022


Today is my birthday. It also doubles as one of the many days when I ask myself why I am growing so fast. Only 15years ago, I was celebrating my 10th year birthday. The picture of the creamy Cinderella cake is still vivid fresh in my mind. That was my first big birthday; it wasn't the usual birthday party with so many street kids dancing to popular hip-hop songs. Being raised in a Christian home dictates a lot for you, and playing lewd songs at your children's party is one of the things that should not be done. So, I had the usual church birthday.

A visit to the popular Latter Rain Church

Being the first child, the age 10 is a big year and my dad had promised to celebrate it in a big way. To fulfil his promises, he bought me fine dresses, a tilt green Caribbean skirt and a brown lace top and another gown (which I cannot remember its colour). Hired a baker, took me to the salon and informed our church members. Thankfully, it was on a Sunday, so we took several pictures spanning gender, age groups and the workforce in the children's department.

Today is another day like my 10th year birthday. Because I believe in the power of prayers and in the existence of God, I started the new year with a retreat. It is the best I have had.

Adeola for the party and vibes

It is about 8 pm and I am sharing my thoughts with you. I have been wondering how people grow so fast? Just some 6 years ago, I graduated as a nurse with a BSc. Graduating at 19 years old was a big deal; I made my parents proud. I enjoyed calling myself the youngest nurse in the hospital I worked at. Several nursing students found my story inspiring. Being a smart kid, maintaining the standards and representing my school wasn't a difficult task. Well, all of this is in my past now as I have switched careers.

One of my calmest shifts in January 2018/ Age 20

However, it still baffles me that I am celebrating my 25th birthday today. How did I get this old? I had a list of desires as a teenager and I don't look anything like my teenage self prayed for, at least.
Younger Olayemi wanted to be a consultant nurse at the age of 30. Get married at 24 to her first boyfriend, give birth to 2 kids or 3 kids at most. I am literally laughing at myself writing this because plans are in the mud.

In retrospect, I believe the younger Olayemi wouldn't have hesitated to make some decisions. Each day, I realize that adulting is hard, and it can be completely difficult if you live in Lagos. In fact, I think adulting in Lagos should be studied. Earlier today, I was discussing with my pastor about getting a new apartment and I wished I could lift some rooms from my parent's property in Ondo state. At this point, I am nurturing my dream to own a few apartments at Lekki.

"Living each day without having a full grasp of the next minute. Looking for the best, viable options or alternatives in every situation."

If I were to define adulthood, I would say the above.

Before I got to this point, it had been a lot of growing, learning, and unlearning. Sometimes, I was quick to discern the value of situations. Many times, I felt the pain of ignorance and my mistakes. However, one of the greatest gifts I got in the last two years is the gift of my Pastor and my local church. Like I have always said, everyone needs a happy home, a great workplace and a sound local church to live long. Attending The Edification House still remains a blessing to me. Every day, I am grateful for the gifts of men, my supernatural friends and my leaders.

The past year wasn't so great, but it was a good year. Considering the number of answered prayers I had, miracles experienced and progress made in my career, it was indeed good. But, this year will be great.

Today's birthday is quite unusual, not my typical birthday, but it is supernatural. While I haven't received many calls, like in the past years, I have read heartfelt messages, cried and said a lot of 'amen' to many prayers.

I wanted so many things for this birthday; check my wishlist below.

But, I got the best gifts, words from the people that matter and those I hold in high esteem.

The last years of my life have been eventful, daring and miraculous. Each year tells its own stories; whether fear or bravery, while I can't share every story I am happy to share this with you.. I am grateful for the support of my parents, Mr. Ibidapo & Mrs. Yetunde Adeola, My Supernatural Father, Pastor Tobi Popoola and My ever-amazing Boss, Dr. Damilola Oladeji.

Cheers to a supernatural new year
Toast to more clarity and adventures.
Happy 25th Birthday Olayemi



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